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As you can see, new header/colours/fonts with some icons of my fav, not all of them but a great part :)

I have finally watched Little Dorrit, it was pretty great. Love Matthew (of course), and Little Dorrit was rather cute, but Andy Serkis ... wow. I was so impressed by his french accent, don't know if he's fluent or what but it's perfection when compared to "ordinary" french. I also recovered my passion for H/Cam, especially because of simply_hugh_jen and hc_dailydose so I have make some arts (only the good old times )
Apart from all this, I fell in love with True Blood, I have already watch the first two seasons. I'm rather Bill/Sookie addict, but I also like Eric with whoever (his "tiny humans" comments was kind of cute) even if my otp of this show seems to be Eric/Godric

Title & Cut from True Blood ;)

House MD [1x14, 1x15] (15)
Little Dorrit [Mostly Arthur - 1x06] (14)
Mercy [Promo] (18)
Spartacus [1x02] (24)
True Blood [Promo s3, 1x07, 2x09, 2x10] (16)

Pride & Prejudice [2005] (30)

Hugh Laurie (23)
Richard Armitage (16)

True Blood - Eric/Godric [2x09] (01)
Hugh Laurie/Jennifer Morrison (01)
Richard Armitage (01)

House MD - House/Cameron [3x15] (01)
Hugh Laurie/Jennifer Morrison (01)
Richard Armitage (01)

Hugh Laurie/Jennifer Morrison (01)


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Hi :)

So, school is over since a week and half ... will know if I have my second semester in early July, but I think I really need a to do list because I have so much things to do (like dominate the world in my Sims 3 :p ... but especially make a "real" portfolio and looking for a entreprise for my internship next year, as it can be done abroad, I think I'll look for Scotland, Ireland, Quebec and Australia. Don't want to stay in France if it's not necessary.)

And next week it's la Fête du Cinéma 2010 (first session at the normal price then the other sessions are at 3€ during 7 days), thus I will maybe see again The A-Team because it was great, Liam Neeson is so hot as a badass, there are some beautiful plans of him ♥, Bradley Cooper is cute as usual (yesterday I saw him on 100% Mag, talking in french obviously, they asked him  how to have abs like him and his answer was so cute - saying that he had to eat 2000 calories a day, but now it's past, he was in France so he could eat whatever he wanted) and I discovered Sharlto Copley, he's just amazing ! I think I will see Shrek 4 but after that, don't really know :/

Also, it was time but I saw s6 finale of Grey's Anatomy ... broke my heart and made me cry like a baby ... so f***ing amazing ! I really hope they win some awards this year, the cast was so great , the tension exquisite, just wow, this is what I call a drama show. Shonda has done an awesome job, and to know that she wrote the season finale at the same time as the premiere, it makes it even better ♥

Title by Murdoch and cut by Hannibal from the A-Team.

House MD (10)
Jane Eyre [2006] (19)
Spartacus [1x02] (24)

Pride & Prejudice [2005] (33)
Crossover : Pride & Prejudice/House MD (04)

50ème Festival de Télévision de Monte Carlo - Portrait Sessions [Jane Lynch, Jessica Szohr, Jorge Garcia, Michael Weatherly, LL Cool J, Simon Baker] (46)
Eric Dane (16)
Jennifer Morrison [94th Running Of The Indianapolis 500] (31)
Richard Armitage [BAFTAS 2010] (15)

House MD (07)
Richard Armitage (03)

House MD - House/Cameron (01)


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16 May 2010 @ 05:34 pm
Hi !

Don't have much to say this time ... well, I think.

Thursday, I saw Robin Hood (I was skeptical because I think the main actors are too old to interpret these characters in a RH prequel ... it's why I only went to see it for Matthew Macfadyen and Mark Strong ... and Gosh, everyone know how much I like Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe work) so in the end, I found it good but not great. In the way where I think it is an adaptation very adapted. Ok, it has the same names, the atmosphere, but that's it. And even worse, I don't think Robin and Marian have a lot of chemistry :/ And I'm still disappointed that the soundtrack is not by Hans Zimmer ... And my very last statement, they could have posed with the rest of the cast who was there at the Festival de Cannes, the film doesn't entirely rely on Crowe and Blanchett !  (It must looks like I didn't really like it lol)
But if you don't go see it expecting a RH movie, it's really good, the story is interesting and the secondary characters are awesome :)

And the other thing I'm watching is Strike Back (obviously), and this is great. Love everything about it (except the snake part on epi 4 lol), and the cast is really great (love Andrew Lincoln and even more Armitage). Seriously, why can't we have series or movies that great in France !

Title & cut from Robin's daddy in Robin Hood.

Jane Eyre [2006] (23)
NCIS [BBS shoot] (27)
Spartacus [1x01] (20)

Pride & Prejudice [2005] (28)
Robin Hood [2010] (37)

Richard Armitage (23)

House MD [2x04 & s3 blooper] (04)
Robin Hood [2010] (01)
Richard Armitage (02)

House MD - Grégory House (02)
House MD - House/Cameron contain spoiler 6x08 (01)
House MD - Chase/Cameron contain spoiler 6x17 (01)


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30 April 2010 @ 09:33 pm

Hi all, me again :)

So, good news for me, about my health, it's not genetic :D Kinda happy about it (ok, overjoyed :p) so I choose to make another update sooner than I though !

Since I'm in France, I don't have access to BBC's mini-series that I found interesting to watch ... So I bought North and South, and Jane Eyre (book and dvd each time) before that I couldn't watch them because my level in English was so bad until something like two years ago *fanfictions rock and again sorry for my mistakes* and wow, they're so good, so glad to have discovered these little wonders ! Also bought In My Father's Den with cutie!Matthew (again, it wasn't release in France *pout*) but I haven't see it yet.

And as you can see, new header/colours with the Ô so wonderful actor named Richard Armitage ♥ Don't have a real reason but that I really like this man (actor and man - you'll understand what I mean if you read his interviews) and I found this pic lovely :)

This time, it's a title from the lyrics of The World Is Mine and a cut from Tomorrow can wait each by David Guetta (one of my favourite DJ - the other being Martin Solveig -  ♥).

Merlin [Merlin/Arthur] (10)
Spartacus [1x01] (27)
Stargate Atlantis [McShepp] (10)

Pride & Prejudice [2005] (29)

Hugh Laurie [NY Times Shoot] (09)
Jennifer Morrison ['Armida' Premiere] (26)
Richard Armitage [Strike Back - Premiere and promos] (35) 

House MD - Grégory House (02)
House MD - House/Cameron (01)
Richard Armitage (01)


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18 April 2010 @ 03:20 pm
The reasons for the lack of updates are here. Like I said, here are some new icons !
The icons on Pride and Prejudice [2005] will be a little habit because I recently discovered this movie and I fell in love - tothe point of reading the book although I had not finished a book since 2007 lol.
I already knew Matthew MacFadyen in Death at a Funeral, but in this film he is so adorable ... So yes, I am a Mr. Darcy addict :)
This time, title and cut by Reese and Crews, epi 1x05 from Life.

House MD (19)
Nurse Jackie [Quotes 2x01 and 2x02] (10)
Spartacus (31)
The Mentalist (23)

Pride & Prejudice [2005] (27)
Crossover : Pride & Prejudice/House MD (03)

Hugh Laurie (10)
Jennifer Morrison (20)
Matthew Macfadyen (07)
Simon Baker (06)


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18 April 2010 @ 02:16 pm

"Time is priceless, yet it costs us nothing. You can do anything you want with it, but you can't own it. You can spend it, but you can't keep it. And once you've lost it, there is no getting it back. It's just gone." - Medium

Or why I haven't update since January ...

English versionCollapse )

French versionCollapse )
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20 January 2010 @ 11:44 pm
Hi, me again ... As I only have content about Hugh Laurie & Jennifer Morrison at the Golden Globe Awards, I will also do a blabla post. So, as always, if you don't care, you can skip this part :)

First, "new" layout, well, only the header and the colors. It's, again, with HL & JM (sorry, I'm just an addict lol), and again with the same sentence of Dream Awake by The Frames. I have to say that I really loved the last version, but 6 months after and because it's soon 1 year that I'm on livejournal, I need some changes.

So, little week of "holidays" (even if my teacher said it wasn't holidays for everyone lol), because it's the week between the two semesters.
For now, I could not enjoy it much because I had the flu, and then finally three displaced vertebrae and as I never do half a thing, I don't know how but I cracked a rib (so I can't watch my last two epi of The Big Bang Theory because I'm not allowed to laugh :( ) ...but at least I managed to finish my exams last week !

But I found time to finish the second season of Chuck. 12 epi almost in non-stop. And now I love even more Casey and, of course, the friendslash Chuck/Casey (see the anim at the end of this post, how not love them). Gosh, in two seasons they had more than H/Cam in 6, with the kiss, the hug, the "I love you" ... ♥

Last epi of s5 of Numb3rs are airing in France, a little mad with the bad programmation of the channel but still love the show, it never fails to make me smile. It's good to see it again ... And I totally fall in love with the song at the end of epi 5x18 (one of the best epi of the show !) : Nico Stai "Maybe, maybe" ♥ About the characters, I love Don since the beginning, but Larry and Charlie are also funny. Like the daddy too :)

Also finish Glee, gosh, I already miss them so much ... I wish we were in March/April, like that I could have the new season of Nurse Jackie, Glee and the show I'm waiting for since years : The Pacific ♥♥♥

And for the Golden Globe, I think I enough made my fangirl about HL & JM but even now, can't stop squeeing when re-watching marykir's video lol

This time, title & cut from Chuck and Casey (hug scene - 2x22 in Chuck)


Hugh Laurie/Jennifer Morrison (08)
Hugh Laurie (05)
Jennifer Morrison (13)

Hugh Laurie/Jennifer Morrison (03)


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09 January 2010 @ 10:42 pm
Hi, long time no see !

First of all, happy new year (in France, we have until January, 31 to say it so I'm not really late about that :p)
Secondly, sorry for the lack of news. Studying at the IUT is just crazy, the first semester is soon finished but gosh, I have one more week to work but I'm sick ... Love the snow, but now just stop please, I can't handle more snow when I'm still working xD

Well, here are some icons that I made since August so, some of the stuff are really crappy lol
Lot of House MD ... Lately, I'm so blasée by the show that if, one day, I make icons, it'll surely be about the earlier seasons.

Title & cut by Charlie Crews in Life

Grey's Anatomy (33) contain spoilers season 6 !
House MD (74) contain spoilers season 6 !
Hugh Laurie (29)
Jennifer Morrison (25)
Life (25)
Mark Harmon (21)
NCIS (41)
Olivia Wilde (05)
Simon Baker (06)


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Here we go, a 3rd part for this picspam. It wasn't really planned and I was kinda hoping to never have to do it but some people think otherwise ... So yes, it's spoiler-ish for those who haven't seen s6 (like me ... have never seen s5 or s6 apart some moments ...)
I don't know if I like or not this end. I kinda agree with Cameron, it's not anymore the House that I liked ... I hope it's not the end but at least they'll not more destroy Cameron ... And like the Glee Club would say : Don't stop believin' ;)

It's never easy to say goodbye
Part 3 | 6x08 - Teamwork

You know I won't forget you
You know I never could
And when I said I loved you
You know I meant for good
- Audio Adrenaline "Goodbye"

It's never easy to say goodbyeCollapse )
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