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Oops. Tomorrow is Richard Armitage's birthday so I wanted to make a new icon for my tumblr but... I ended up making more than one because I couldn't decide. Long story short, here are new icons you can use if you want :)

Richard Armitage [late 2012, earlier 2013] (22)


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Sorry all, first post in months... but I was in the mood for more icons lately so I thought it would be easier to post them all on my LJ.

Once Upon A Time [August W. Booth, Emma Swan, Wooden Swan] (33)

image image image

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11 April 2012 @ 03:31 am
Hi, please, don't kill me! It's finally here, the moodtheme version of my picspam of Matthew Macfadyen as Arthur Clennam in Little Dorrit

I'm really sorry for the wait, I don't have good reasons for it except that this year the time seems to go faster than before! For now, it's only the fixed version, I didn't have the time to make all the gifs... perhaps one day I'll finally finish it!

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27 October 2011 @ 01:47 pm

It's been a while, right? Probably too long.

But I have a good news, even if I wasn't updating my livejournal, I was on tumblr. There are lot of new things (gifs, photographs and others) on it, so don't hesitate to go see it.

So, I'm doing an update now, because I have finally done some icons. But don't hope for more sooner than mid-November or December because I stock them on my server and being in Scotland, my French server doesn't want me to access on it.

Once Upon A Time [Pilot] (86)
The Borgias [Promo & Stills - Cesare/Lucrezia] (19)

Matthew Macfadyen [The Three Musketeers Premiere, Stills] (20)


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12 April 2011 @ 09:51 pm
 Hi !

A quick update ... until, I don't know.

First of all, couldn't say it before but you have probably see that my lj got itself a new header/colors.

Uni is soon over, and monday I'm beginning my internship in Paris :D I have already got my Hugh Laurie's ticket for his blues concert at Le Trianon, and I have so much things to do while there !

And because of this, I'm now on twitter (still don't really see why use it :/), and I'm also on miso (this one is addictive). As you can see on miso, I'm currently doing a Doctor Who marathon, but I think I'll stop at the end of s4 because watching it, entirely this time, I realise that I found Eleven so blah, especially after the awesomeness that were Nine and Ten.  I so have to do the DW experience when I'm going near London for my August holidays !

Soon I'll also make a Tudors masterpost of my arts because I was so addict to it I made lot of icons (especially of Mary/Eustace). And, I think I'll soon be addict to The Borgias, most of the time when I see a beautiful opening, I succumb. And it's the case here. And it's Trevor Morris the composer ♥ And there is Jeremy Irons ! So many thing to love in this show :) *Have watched the 3 epis ... I'm addict to Cesare/Lucrezia now !*

And great news (for me at least), I was accepted to Edinburgh Napier University for the equivalence of the third year of my French degree, now I only have to validate my DUT (equivalent to HND) :D

Title and cut from Doctor Who (respectively 4x03 and 1x01)

That's it, now some arts ...

Doctor Who [2x01, 2x07, 2x09] (08)
House MD [7x16] (20)
How I Met Your Mother [6x05] (08)
The Walking Dead [1x01] (20)
True Blood [3x04] (23)
White Collar [Shoot for TV Guide Magazine] (14)

Pride & Prejudice [Elizabeth and/or Darcy] (13)
The Three Musketeers [3D] (22)
Warrior (21)

Hugh Laurie (32)
Jennifer Morrison (06)

House MD [7x16] (04)
The Three Musketeers [3D] (03)

House MD [7x16] (04)

Hugh Laurie [GQ Photoshoot] (01)


It's called the TARDIS, this thing. T.A.R.D.I.S. That's Time And Relative Dimension In Space. [Rose starts crying] Culture shock. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. Collapse )
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15 March 2011 @ 10:23 pm
This is my first picspam for a challenge - for picspammy, it was fun and I'm glad to have been able to finish it. But it was rather long and I had to have a nice and talented guinea pig so I chose Arthur Clennam from Little Dorrit (it was either him or my dear Eustace Chapuys from The Tudors ...). Some of the moods will perhaps be harder to figure out, so I can only hope that you're all as imaginative as me ;)

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Hi, as I'm still in my week of holidays, I'm doing a little update. But, I think it will be the only one in a long time, I don't have holidays until July and I really need to have an internship to validate my degree (even with interviews, it's always negative because compagnies don't want to pay :/).

Thursday I went to Disneyland Resort Paris (again ... but it was because they offered me an annual pass back in November !), it was really great because there wasn't a lot of people so we did almost all the attractions and then I bought too much Stitch and Belle stuff :) During this short holiday, I also and finally finished FFXIII ... I was really disappointed by this one so I'm currently re-doing FFX

Also, about Smallville ... *be careful, possible spoiler* I read that Michael Rosembaum/Lex Luthor was coming back for the last epi, how awesome is that ? :D

Title & cut from book!HP3.

Boardwalk Empire [Intro & 1x01] (12)
Spartacus : Gods of the Arena [0x01] (15)
The Big C [Quotes 1x03 & 1x04] (12)
The Pillars of the Earth [1x01] (12)
The Walking Dead [1x01] (19)
True Blood [3x03] (18)

Harry Potter [Remus/Sirius] (15)
The King's Speech (40)

Hugh Laurie (16)
Jennifer Morrison (27)
Matthew Macfadyen [Chris McAndrews photoshoot] (14)

Matthew Macfadyen [Chris McAndrews photoshoot] (06)

Pretty Little Liars [Aria/Erza] (01)
Harry Potter [Remus/Sirius, Dobby] (03)
Crossover Charlie Crews/Jennifer Morrison (01)
Matthew Macfadyen [Chris McAndrews photoshoot] (01)


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Long time no see ! I will blame RL for this ... Also, as I still have some days to say it so here we go :
happy new year :)

Lot of things happened. Tv show I discovered, loved but ended too early (yeah Boardwalk Empire or The Big C, it's about you I'm talking !), couples I shipped, movies I saw, too much a lot of Amazon orders made *blush*

Of all the things I could talk about, I will talk about The Big C, because, oh gosh, I love this show so much. The characters are almost all awesome, I especially love Cathy, Todd, Sean and Marlene. And the cast and guest stars are great. Cathy and her brother are great together, the end of epi 7 is wonderfully sad. The dynamic between Cathy and Todd, this emotional affair, it's so lovely. I have some epi I love more than others, but damn it, I think even with GA I never cried that much watching a tv show ... or maybe I'm just a sissie lol ! And so much awesome music I never heard before (Alex Cornish "Don't Hold Me Back", Solomon's Seal "I Built A Fire", Sia "Lullaby" - this one of Sia is so beautiful and heartbreaking in the season finale, Sharon Van Etten "I Fold", ...). And the quotes, how awesome they are, I will make some arts with them for sure ! I just can't wait for next season ♥

And this is why the title and cut are from The Big C.

Boardwalk Empire [1x05] (20)
Pretty Little Liars [Aria/Erza] (19)
Spooks/MI-5 [Lucas North] (19)
The Big C [1x04] (15)
The Pillars of the Earth [1x01] (25)
The Walking Dead [1x01] (16)
True Blood [3x02] (27)

Conan O'Brien (16)
Hugh Laurie [House MD Press Conference 28.10.10] (43)
Hugh Laurie & Jennifer Morrison [100th epi - interviews] (06)
Jennifer Morrison [Eric Tombarel photoshoot] (19)
Matthew Macfadyen [Chris McAndrews photoshoot] (36)

Boardwalk Empire[1x04, 1x05, 1x06] (06)
The Big C [1x04] (05)
Conan O'Brien (10)
Hugh Laurie & Jennifer Morrison [100th epi - interviews] (02)


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31 August 2010 @ 03:32 pm

Two updates in a month, I'm making progress :p It will maybe be the last udpate before 19th September because after that I'm starting my second year in IUT and I'll not have that much time ... :/

Not much to say, mainly about tv shows/movies. I'm almost at the end of Pretty Little Liars (ep 7 I think), I'm too curious to know who "A" is to stop watching and the guy playing Erza Fitz is really cute (but I really watch for the plot ... seriously xD)
Finally saw s1 of White Collar - I started watching some time ago but I never end this season - Neal and Peter are so cute ♥
Still haven't seen Pillars of the Earth, because I must wait for my mom who also want to watch it. Good thing is that now all of this aired, I'll not have to wait between epi. There are just too much tv shows I want to see, and never enough time for it -_-'

The Three Musketeers 3D ... I wasn't really sure about this movie and just thinking of it in 3D don't make me want to see it. But, there also is Matthew [Macfadyen] in it ... and from what I saw of the set pics, he looks really good in musketeer. And there is also Ray Stevenson that I loved in Rome ... so I'll maybe give it a try when releasing in theaters.

To finish - I promise, after that come some arts ;) - the Emmy Awards from this year. The opening was funny (not as funny as when Conan hosted the Emmys), especially loved Jon Hamm with Betty White (and poor Chris lol) The Emmys in themselves, sometimes boring (as always) but I'm so happy for Jim Parsons, his story with bazinga was so cute, love how he thanks it on the "Thank you Cam". Also really happy for Edie Falco and Jane Lynch, and John Lithgow (when on red carpet he was so funny about his "creepy" comment xD). Wish Dexter and Michael C. Hall (or Hugh Laurie, even if I don't watch/love House MD anymore) won but I'm still hoping for the Golden Globes, PCA and SAG.

Title & cut from the 62nd Emmys.

Doctor Who [Ten/Rose] (14)
House MD [Promo s7, 1x13] (16)
Little Dorrit [Mostly Arthur] (20)
Spartacus [1x02] (24)

Pride & Prejudice [2005] (25)

Hugh Laurie [Emmy Awards 2010] (19)
Richard Armitage (16)

House MD [2x14, 3x03, 3x04, 3x05] (06)
Emmy Awards 2010 [Opening, Hugh Laurie] (12)

Doctor Who - Ten/Rose [Doomsday] (01)

House MD [Promo s7] (01)
Hugh Laurie [Emmy Awards 2010] (01)
Matthew MacFadyen [2005 National Theatre Photoshoot] (06)


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